Community Members Spotted on Live


I kinda wondered why you disconnected without a formal closure message…at least you didn’t watch me dive from 10,000 feet to 5,000 feet to intercept the glideslope.



We were in a collision course during approach lol


Saw you in Sydney and copied your FPL.

No worries. Approach controller knows what he’s doing 😉


Yes I know but it was 3min before we could contact approach ☺ I saw that you were in orange and I was dangerously approaching fast but thankfully there was an approach controller 😃


@Hamza_Adan thanks :)

Also saw you when I was controlling YSSY


@DeerCrusher patrolling the skies over SoCal.


Day 5302 (exaggerated) , they still have not spotted me in my massive A380… I have become one with the shadows…


Did a short little hop with @david.harper between KAVX and KSNA


@DeerCrusher and @Captain_Matt in the SoCal region tonight.

Thanks for opening the back cargo door for me!


Spotted @david.harper and @DeerCrusher in SoCal tonight.


Still need to get that 208 in the back of the C130. 😂


I just realized you got a strobe shot for both aircraft in the same picture.


I’m flying is San Francisco right now TS1 server, 561 NM flight. Gonna be a long night lol.


There is a misconception in Infinite Flight, that it is all about flying fast and flying airliners. Why not take a nice evening flight in a Caravan around the Caribbean. That exactly what I as well as @NetJets_Nick, @Flightfan84, @cleipelt, @Brianj2859, @david.harper and a few others did.


Seriously though, if there’s one thing that’s underrated in Infinite Flight it would be flying low, slow, and enjoying the natural beauty of Infinite Flight’s animated oceans and stunning terrain.

The scenic airports you can visit are endless, you just need to go out and explore.


Wonderful Caribbean flight with @NetJets_Nick, @DeerCrusher, @Flightfan84, @cleipelt, @david.harper, @Captain_Patrick and a few others!!!


@art_martinez, IFAE founder, flying on TS1.


Caught red handed. Was doing some ATC scouting around the vicinity.


@Narroc_Wim and I had a bit of a showdown at EHAM just now…sorry bud I didn’t see you. Thanks for turning though cause there was no chance I was turning this 77W 😂😂


@Tom_Grollman off my nose on approach to Dusseldorf tonight! Hi Tom 👋🏽