Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I will get you next time😉, you got me as soon as I pressed “end flight” or I didnt see you load in yet.😕 But I will keep an eye out for you!


@Laura_Murphy (Air Canada)


Just intercepted @Daniel14 on casual, I was the F-22 who buzzed you before crashing


That’s who it was you scared me BTW but it was cool!


Yeah, I spun out just after, and ended the flight before I crashed


At least it was casual…


That’s the only reason I go on there. To intercept random aircraft


Wow that is one stunning pic!


Next time l ever have occasion to spot @Balloonchaser anywhere…l will have packed a crossbow… just in case !!!


Spotted the IFAE team doing a group flight. :)


Spotted @Kizzair over the Atlantic in a Emirates 77W.



@Dean.Gibson 😧


@NERMAL spotted in Memphis


Found @Balloonchaser :)


Haha, I saw you too! 🙂 Also, what was going on with all the fedex planes?


Yeah, I was heading to Nashville, but I saw a bunch of FedEx planes departing out of Memphis. Anyone know what that was? Maybe an event?




@NERMAL, @jakevaz423 I believe there was a small group flight up to Ohio, I was off to New York, Mr. Denton was off to Miami, and I guess because there was active ATC, other people spawned in.


@AVIONICS landing yesterday in Dubai


just spotted @LaroseRoyce on the expert server. heading to KLAS