Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Any idea of what it could be? MD-11/DC-10?


Possibly, on LiveFlight Apparantly he’s in an f-16 (that’s what the image is anyways


Just practicing intercepting an aircraft for upcoming events. 😜 Mark tends to violate many rules & regulations.


Sounds believable 😂😜


Hey @DeerCrusher!!!

Nice plane you’re flying 😂


😅 That didn’t take long


Yeah, I wanted to see who else was here, and just noticed it was you 😂
And also @Jose_Oscana is controlling KLAX :)


Are you on expert server?


im curlenty flying from yssy to KLAx see if you can spot me in 8:30 hours. 2:00 am EDT and 11:00 PT im in TS1 u can spot me in yssy right now in the middle of sea on liveflight app


Use your head…he probably is on a classified mission from Area 51 …best stay out of his way !!!


My callsign is WALLACY


Spotted @Wallacy


I knew it wouldn’t take long


Can someone spot me? I’m in a Caribbean Airlines B737-800 flying to the Caribbean on Expert Server


Spotted @ZZBossGaming


Yayyyyyyyyy!!! First time someone has ever spotted me!


Thanks for making that flight special for me guys, spotted @Michael_Weinblatt @DeerCrusher @Aernout and @Jose_Oscana who did an amazing job ATCing 😂 I know he was supposed to do a good job because he is IFATC 😏


Hes fine, he’s a mod ;) Not a dev


That’s what I thought, just thought someone would complain


Spotted @OJFam at KLAX on casual!