Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Rare sight, never seen that many mods in the same place!


Anyone down for a flight of 2? I will follow with a fighter jet.


Spotted @Scott_Petrovich at SFO!


I knew I heard that name before


Passing by @Kizzair enroute to Nairobi once again 👋

Enjoy your flight ;)


Spotted @Yna departing Berlin Tegel (EDDT) as she’s off to Zurich (LSZH).


@ThomasR Found anotha’ one. 😜


@Josh_Mcmunn over London a few days ago

@mbmhwue148 heading to Deutschland.


Morning flight EGLL-EDDF I think it was and you were in an A380??


I was in a 777 on that day.


Same thing Emirates has both :)


Nairobi is a great airport xD

I´ll come back there soon, see you there @Kizzair ;)


Hello @Laura_Murphy @Tamz00


Spotted @Mark_Denton on LiveFlight!


Hey there
Enjoy your flight to LAX😁


Too bad you didn’t catch the guy doing the atc…


Spotted @GolferRyan, @DeerCrusher, and @AdamCallow at London


@Mark_Denton is with them, in an “Unknown” Aircraft. Wonder what that could be? 😏

Also @Joe is there with them


Thai B787? I spotted him earlier


No, it’s unknown, I’ll check LF see if it’s that pogo aircraft in the makings