Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Yea I did but I may be wrong like I said :)


Click on TJSJ

Then scroll down


Forgot to mention the other day I was flying Orlando to Detroit when I spotted @Maxmustang


Hawaiian Wombat formation flying


Only about as far as he can go before his hands get tired…maybe a thousand miles at around 100 knots !!!


Wombats can’t fly…didn’t you get the memo !!!


On his way to Ocean Reef…Nice little airport in the keys.


Yea I was saying you were missing some but there not in the game yet my fault buddy!


Spotted a Moderator at the Hawaiian event today


No one’s has spotted my still!😂 Fine, fine I’ll change my live name to Rally Vose.


Lol me too. Even my name is IFC-AsorbMC.


Yeah, you should change it to “Rally Vose” instead of “Pringles420” so that they know who you are lmao!!


Nice MD-11 @mbmhwue148


@Kizzair Thanks for spotting me :)

The VZ-9 Avrocar is great btw, though personally I prefer flying the De Lackner Aerocycle :P


Good to hear the beta testers thoughts on this ongoing debate.

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first!


@Jose_Oscana Where you were heading to Las Americas Intl. ? Nice seeing ya !


Cant wait till I can fly on expert (I’m now at the requirements, just need to wait for my violations to go down), then people will spot me :)
EDIT: Just realized I’m actually grade 3 now :)


Punta Cana, actually. Nice seeing you as well.



Please, don’t mention what you witnessed at Dublin International Airport (EIDW) tonight. The moral of the story? Before attempting to land an aircraft you’re unfamiliar with for the very first time, it’s perhaps best to practice doing so in the privacy of a solo session.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed in myself, it was my first serious accident since mid-October, when I made some very similar mistakes attempting to land a B712 after dark, before I was comfortable flying the aircraft.


I see @LaroseRoyce departing JFK! 👀