Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Yep! Right on, 3 hours in, 4 and a half to go!


I’m 3 and a half hours in and have 2 and a half left. :)
Anyways, if you want to continue let’s continue in a pm so we don’t go off-topic :)



Saw him on live flight crossing the atlantic, what his aircraft “Unknown”


I found @Kevin_Potthast yet again


Is this some illuminatti type **** going on? (AFP95 reference)


Oh and I also found @Kirito_77


Is this all on casual?


Yeah near KLAS for the time trails


Ahhhhhh, makes sense now, they’re all doing the time trials, not just regular flying


Me and Kirito are doing some training and a fun game of tag.


It got pretty heated when I overtook @Kevin_Potthast


But my logbook shows a minute less than yours :P


Ahhh, “specical” hmmmm


Special is Qantas737guyish for md11/dc10



Saw you doing your time trial :)


Well, I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve got 02:40hrs of flying time to destination. But I’ve only got 01:20hrs of fuel left. 😐 Looks like I’ve got to find somewhere to put her down in the next hour or so. But as you can see, I’m just about at 22hrs nonstop. Best plane for your buck and the go to plane for a ultra ultra long haul (if that’s even a thing) lol.


Must have also saw me go over 2000kts GS and having my Map glitch and stay on the last leg. Was really weird and ruined my time. All of a sudden on the KLAS-KGCN leg it put me on the KPHX-KLAS leg and trying to go back to the correct active leg wasnt working. Had to mess around with the HUD map to see where I was going. Just gave up on it on the KPHX-KLAS route


22hrs sounds like a challenge to me. I’ll go for longer then


Keep in mind this is nonstop. I haven’t fueled up or landed. But have at it. You get to see a ton of scenery! 😂