Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


(Zoom in for better quality)

@RTG113 spotted over Ireland!

Happy Landings!


It was an awesome flight, and a first for me to visit Germany, virtually that is. I departed Boston around 1:10 am and just arrived into Frankfurt. So I was asleep for most of the flight.


Can you spot me? I’m near Australia in a Qantas A380 on Casual Server


Very nice. I am really impressed by how well global works.
Before global came out, I thought overnighters would require a lot of preparing and experience, but no. I took off and went to sleep without a single worry that anything would go wrong, and I have zero practice with overnighters. It works very well, it is incredibly reliable. I love it.
Also the feeling of waking up over the Atlantic and seeing all these people around you, doing the same thing as you… a special feeling for sure.


That’s because I was flying something “special” 👍🏼


“Two for the price of one”

@Chief305 & @OJFam at KLGA.


@DeerCrusher Hometown - Hometown. 2 for the price of 1 is right…

Saw you going from KJFK - YSSY.


12455nm flight. 23hrs flying time left. 😳


What plane are you using? For all I know, no plane can make the journey on fuel


787-8. Longest nonstop flight I’ve done was 22hrs 45 mins in the 787-8. What’s another 15 mins? 😬

Infinite Flight World Records | Could you beat one?

How much fuel did you have left after that ultra ultra long flight


Less than 2000lbs left. So maybe about 20 mins of fuel at an average burn rate of 10,000lbs/hr


So this time you’ll have 5 minutes of fuel left😂😂😂😂😂


Spotted @Daniel14 flying from JFK to CDG


Thanks, we might pass eachother over the Atlantic!


Spotted @Heavydriver other the Atlantic


Joe and Tyler flying a mystery aircraft 🤣


Found @Kevin_Potthast in a A318 crossing the Atlantic as I am hi Kevin 👋


Oh hey-o! You’re the 787 I presume…


That is true, I assume your flying in the BA A318 from EGLC to KJFK