Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Should a get a flu shot now before @The_Initial_Virus becomes more virulent and starts to spread !!!


It’s only a matter of time until… He Takes Over the World!


we have a message for that whats it called


Can you re-write that please, I don’t understand.


oh sorry here you go


Yes I know there is…


I never saw the message on the ATC messages


Oh, you have to fly for at least an hour, when your fuel is low the ATC emergency fuel message will come up. But only when it is low and you have been in the air for a certain time.


ohh ok thanks for the help


Also, make sure there is active ATC when you want to land, so you can try it.


I believe it also is in casual


53 PM

@Laura We tried intercepting you but that didn’t work out so well.


Please do not tag developers, they are hard at work with the MD11/DC10 or whatever else they are doing 🙂


Well for Laura probably sleeping. As it is Almost midnight there. 🙃
Back on topic though


Either way, you should not tag them. It gives an unnecessary notification they do not need.


Flying WSSS-WMKK, and @Extherial joined along

Controlling WSSS TS1 as usual last night, and spotted @kronos doing patterns in the Nasa 747

Controlling WSSS TS1 just now, spotted brothers, though not very sure if theyre on here. Kennard and Parry Ho


That picture really came good! Thanks, Sniper.


I found @Michael_Weinblatt and @Mix56awesome on live flight expert server.


Yes, i am currently doing a long haul route from Memphis to Kai Tak. Thanks for spotting me.


You are so welcome! I just looked on liveflight to find my plane and found you guys