Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I saw her too lol




@Dean.Gibson jetting off to Tenerife. I bet the view is gorgeous. 😍


It’s absolutely gorgeous! Spotted you too, flight paths crossed.




@ThomasR Is pretty popular today, spotted again!


@mbmhwue148 yesterday at PHNL


@Daniel_K thanks for spotting me, saw you too ;)


Thanks for the controlling :)


Saw some in Amsterdam Netherlands region :)


Sabine Alexander, taking off in Birmingham as Etihad 1970, battling with the gusty crosswind.

And, my friend Captain Bill @bill28066 and me, taxiing to runway 33 at KASE for a low mountain flight to KEGE.


Hello Marshall, I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for joining the community and increasing your activity recently. We have community rules and guidelines established so that everyone can enjoy good conversation when necessary and to bring everyone with various experience levels into one arena. We ask that you contribute positively with good intentions meeting the topic curriculum (staying on topic), don’t spam threads and provide well thought out responses before posting. As you continue to share clear, concise and thoughtful posts you will gain the trust of the community which fortifies the future of this great networking platform with such a diverse collaboration of community members.

Hint: try to spot other community members that show great piloting skills and communications instead of sharing yourself in a screenshot for example.

Kind Regards, Chris Levet


Well I suppose I’ve already been told about things like this on multiple occasions… 🤔
You probably don’t need to worry about me because I’ve been considering quitting the community altogether. Due to the fact that I’ve absolutely ruined my reputation, and XP over the past few months and my account has just become this off-topic spam trash, like you said.


Marshall not to sound rude but it’s not our fault you lost all of your xp. That could have been very preventable. As far as the community goes, you gotta abide by the rules and be a good community member. But if you wanna quit thats your decision. But I don’t recommend doing it


Your not sounding rude, don’t worry. But it was never really preventable because once again, I hadn’t learned about the rule until after I had done it. Let’s get back on topic now…


I’m not sure but could be @Zachary_Hebl

would highly doubt that though.


Only Moderators and IFATC can ghost, and only FDS can reset your XP. So maybe consult with Mark @Marshall_Hilfman Back on topic :) goodluck marshall.


Thank you Chris. Let’s hope! #HilfsXP2017 🙏 Jk


@gadget_pilot out of region on SoCal TS1