Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Do you remember the guy that had to do a “Go around” once you were taking off from EDDL ? That was me, thank you again :) Hope you enjoyed your flight.


Haha yeah I saw that. They’re fun tho 🤷🏼‍♀️


It catched me flat-footed, but it was fun :)


Hello @Carrots4Luke1. Chicago Region

It was ages ago though :)


Nice one! I remember seeing you a couple days ago.


@Henrik doing a nice flight in the SoFlo casual region.

(He is the small plane to the NE of my plane.


Replicating this flight:

If anyone’s a fan of Steveo1kinevo, they’ll know that registration. :)


Just watch out for the hurricane, we dont want to find you dead in a Cessna 208 that crashed in the ocean
(185 mph winds will tumble your C208 so much 😂)


Today I saw @Laura_Murphy Making Her Descent into Hilo International (PHTO)


Flying through the hurricane is half the fun! It looks like the winds will be topping off at ~60 mph at 8,000ft. Might consider climbing though to increase fuel economy.


Ok, but if you crash I’ll hold the funeral


Was the United Boeing 787. Saw her as well!


Nice Saw you too
You were at Hilo you took off after me

Let me not go Off-Topic




Would you look at that… Never made it to PHTO. Flight ended in a diversion to PHKO


Found Laura on TS1 :)




Where was she and what was she in?


KLAX, A320 Generic :)


Here’s another one of @Laura at KLAX