Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I will reappear for you lol


I already left haha.


Also if you watched it, how was the landing. I was fighting with my iPad to keep the plane stable.

EDIT: forgot to reply you so im tagging you @AllegiantAir


It was great, just a little slow imo


Haha thank you. I know I was a bit slow but kinda nailed it :P


I’m a bit late but I could just use LiveFlight


Nearly hitting UK airspace after a lengthy flight from Hawaii to London 😎😉


Can’t wait for global!


How come no Airline’s actually do that flight?


@schyllberg departing for KMIA from KEWR


@ChrisLevet232 I saw you guys there! No screenshots though


Yea I was just preplanning some flights to prepare for when Global releases ;)


Hello @MishaCamp and @Nick_Wing


Hello :) @MishaCamp and @chris_wing


My Android tab battery had to take a quick catnap after just wondering how exhausting that flight would have been !!!


Spotted @Laura_Murphy and decided to tag along on her flight. Had to leave early ☹️ 😂


I was wondering who that was following me haha!


For some reason you seem to be flying a lot of KLM flights lately…are you moving to Holland… @ThomasR will miss you !!!


@Laura preparing to take on Hurricane Irma at TFFR


I was, then I found a bug :(