Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Owen_Anderson on Left Downwind for WMBT

@GHamsz taking off from WMBT

@DeerCrusher floating at WSSS. I escorted him to the end of the region after.


@MishaCamp shhhhhhhh… ipad 4 😧😢. I can run higher settings but then physical performance of the sim itself suffers. Im going to buy a new ipad soon, i just had to dish out a boatload of money for a trip to San Diego in November. So if global is released before i get the new ipad, ill just switch to my phone for awhile. I just spoiled myself with the bigger screen for so long i cant switch back just yet lol


@MishaCamp and again, now at Charlotte


Make sure you guys spot some controllers too😉


@Julius97 Sorry, i know i flew over your airspace. However i did a bad thing… Hweverhad to run to the store so i left it going on autonav…oooops. #dontghostme


Spotted @Carson in Charlotte today. (Before I skidded off runway with a ninja 22knt gust.)


I’ll say in about 1 min who these are. Pic not showing up.


Actually no idea. Would like to know.


@Carson Flying? Since when is that a thing?


Since last week. I heard global was good.


That wasn’t necessarily addressed to you! I didn’t realize you did illegal things haha
It’s just when people spot others that I know I did control there when the picture was taken, so a tag would be pretty cool! Just to know if you had a good experience👍🏼


Yea, im sure we all heard global was good 😂😭.


@MishaCamp and @Joe


Hi @Chris1010


@Imran i spy with my little eye… my callsign! Haha


Yes the forgetting to put enough fuel on board when going Island hopping must be amazing.


Bored, doing some spotting

@iLukas-Prague @ThomasR @GreenGuy


@NEO headed off to an unknown destination




I’m just keeping watch over the airport! :)