Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Infinite.flight @HockeyMan06 and @Mell_Ijzerman heading to MMUN!


I haven’t had anyone spot me in over 6 months! Thanks for the tag :)we just be doing an FVA flight with IFATC in Mexico


I am not flying right now


Yup. Good flight. Great scenery. Though there were major crosswinds and ate **** on the landing…


@IFATC-Aditya tries to land an Airbus A318.

And did successfully.


Spotted I belive DJlarose, at Cancun


Hi @DeerCrusher

Safe flights to wherever you’re going.


Spotted AAVA059 arriving into KLAX from MMPR By the name : IFC - JSmooth639. @Chris_Hoover , do you know the pilots IFC?

(Pictures will be sent after flight)


@JGrant639 is his username! Good spot :)


Thanks for the spot. Where were you at? @HawaiiPilot10


Currently on final for 25L at klax… i just saw you on my map. nice flight!


Had to intercept @DeerCrusher over Canadian airspace.


Probably flying a new livery… 🤷‍♂️


It’s just a generic livery… nothing special


I spotted @Kate_Russell heading to Dallas DFW! @tidex is heading to Las Vegas from Phoenix! @chimy has no flight plan filed, but does have 666 hours logged…have a great flight y’all!


nice spot! As a rule of thumb if you spot me, @Chimy isn’t far behind. He copied my FPL :)


Yep, I have been doing lots of Texas flights lately. You are no more than 4.5 hours away from anywhere in the 48 states.


The one and only @DeerCrusher spotted at YSSY! Great seeing ya.


I guess you could say I spotted you as well. You just need to look closely. That generic livery is excellent at blending in.



Are you sure that’s the real Swiss001 Because there seems to be plenty of fake Swiss001s.