Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@dush19 shouldn’t Tom be on casual according to you? 😂😂


Tom shouldn’t be allowed to fly at all according to Dush


Come on. He at least needs to fly somewhere to show off that fancy Mod Tag 😜


Misha cheated the system 😱😱😱


Tyler Shelton buttering the bread in KDFW! (Almost a tail strike but still butter xD)


Quick Reminder!

Please do not tag staff, moderators or developers :D


Ivo landing at KSAT.


nice to see you heading out of my home airport @jasonrosewell have a good flight to KORD


Awesome mate! I think I have you too. I’ll have a check


I departed Charlotte to KDFW AAL 891 was my callsign!


Wait I thought tagging mods was alright


Tag mods all you want.

Don’t tag devs

Tag staff like Mark and Tyler sparingly.

Moderators response when I asked this question.
Let’s remain on topic now.


Oh hey there @Balloonchaser, I see you have an ACVA event going!


Got you too! @Springbok777


Why is that? That you can’t tag devs?


It’s a rule around here. I don’t personally know why we can’t tag developers but I know it is a rule here.

I think it may be because it would be distracting to the developers. Sometimes, support topics would be too complicated for the mods to handle. They then call staff like Tyler or Mark. If that is still too complicated then the staff would call over to the developers. That way, developers know when they are actually needed. Take the recent training server changes. I am pretty sure there was a support topic about this and the mods didn’t know how to solve the topic. They then called Tyler over and he couldn’t solve the problem. He had to contact Laura and that was when she was able to solve the problem.

TL;DR: Tagging developers would be distracting to their work in Infinite Flight.

This is just my guess on the answer. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. But I think I am pretty sure this is a reason why we don’t tag developers. All I know is that it is a rule.

Let’s get back on topic now :)


Awesome! Thanks for the tag.
See you in the skies…


@NICOCRAFT departing from Rome


Just saw @Joseph_Spinner fly next to me near LFPG.

EDIT: LiveFLight Connect crashed right as the “20” GWPS callout when out. I’m still steaming.


Just spotted @pilotethan at KAX landing.