Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Aren’t you lucky 😂. Good job finding Waldo ;)


Just took off heading to KMSP with @Krunchy_Toast and @Deltabro. Pictures are coming when we land around 1600Z


I just saw @DasMarc at KLAX do the most beautiful tailstrike I’ve seen today

I also saw @Panther overspeed and get a violation after takeoff at LAX


Haha yeah I’m still trying to get used to the 747. I almost never use it. Had a stall warning at the very final moment before landing.


😑 thanks. This post really made my day.


A shame it’s 22:15 and the day is nearly over. I shoulda reminded you tomorrow morning


Thank the lord that you didn’t. I would’ve woken up angry


Great AAV flight with @Chris_S until my app crashed 🙃


I saw @KPIT at KBOS, I was the Delta A319


I tried to fly to NYC in a super, that was a bad idea


Sorry for the Overhall of pics but I saw so many members!

I saw @Etrain @tidex @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly @The_Initial_Virus @MrAlaska Laura, And @Cbro4!


First time spotted. Thanks Nicolas.


It appears I was spotted by Laura!

Original Video by ↗️


Thanks for the spot! Was doing a stream with Cbro.


Thanks for the spot! Me and @Etrain were streaming our flights together. Really was a fun time!


With @Krunchy_Toast and @Deltabro


@ThomasR and a bunch of other people following @MishaCamp to JFK


No problem @Etrain @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly and @Cbro4! Was a really great FNF huh?


Flew with @Krunchy_Toast and @Artem_Frolov from KSJC-KSEA with @KSJCRampAgent being ground and tower at KSJC. Overall, the first event I hosted went pretty well and we successfully followed real-world WN1510


Spotted @Michael_Weinblatt, @Paul_petropoulos, @Kate_Russell, @Samuel_Szeto, and @pilotethan All at KLAX as I did a flight with @Josh_H