Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I see ya there also! Have fun on your flight!


And me! Iโ€™m the plane at Wollongong!


When I was part of the FNF I found @AJH_1994 and @jdag2004 in my live stream


Saw you too, just completed a 15:25 Flight Fromm doha!


OMG we have the same flight times.


My first community sighting, woop!


@Etrain, @Nathan, and @FlyFi all at KTMB. Joined by a disappearing @BalloonChaser a bit later.


@Patrick_Gallagher near KDEN just now.


@Kyle.Plane heading to LIRF!


Spotted @bookers4eva near KLAX as I was inbound


@Tarek_Brahim @Paul_petropoulos @LaroseRoyce @Jeffrey1o2

Thank you for the amazing ATC!

Paul I hope you enjoyed staying in the rear and following me through out the whole taxi ๐Ÿ˜‚


Have a great flight @Kyle.Plane! Weโ€™re all here for an event. :)


See who I have found today in Italy.


A lot of forum members out at LICJ! Iโ€™m sticking around to see who all is there!

Edit: I saw @KapitanBrozy @bookers4eva @Gliding_Central @LaroseRoyce @DeerCrusher @RTG113 @Javier9377 (I think)
@GuitartIvo and Laura!


What up buddy! @AllegiantAir
Hello @Grizpac and Laura


Oh nothin, was just watching the traffic flow through LICJ. Did have a great flight tho from LIRF down to LICJ. Truly Beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


I saw you in your 747 too! Im in a group flight right now with some other forum members to Paris.


Nice! Hope it is beautiful!


Spotted @QantasVirtual flying near me on his way to YSSY from YSCB in a Jetstar 788


@trio and @Cbro4