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Its one of my resolutions in 2017 to start filming aviations and flight experiences. Recently, i just posted my planespotting video with full flight report (schedule, airline name, flight number, etc) that you might not get in another planespotting video in youtube. Please kindly visit my aviation social media.

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Instagram : knotsandfeet
Youtube : knotsandfeet (

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@Lolo31R insta: madrid_spotter_




Can someone plz add me: @calsy2311




Here’s my Instagram, I made it not for a long time ago. Please don’t be hesitate to leave a like or a comment. It will be appreciated alot 😊.



Mine is bilingualgay

It’s my personal account and not dedicated to anything.


Infinite flight - @infinitefltpics
Personal - @rocco__giordano (2 underscores)


Hendersonaviator is my Instagram


@Flight_i is my IFC name and flighti is my insta


AeroSync Aerobatics @Overspeed


Haha yeah! But it’s just because it’s personal lol


@swa_cle_ramper is my ig name


Community Username: @ifaviationkaler or @IAKCREW
Instagram username: @ IF_Aviation_Kaler or @ IAKCrew


Mine is ifpjordan please guys follow me I have a weekly photo wall


@N1RG-flyboy_ryan15 real world flying pictures


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I’m going to get instagram soon


@laroseroyce ~LasVegas