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How is it on OnePlus 5T ?


The OnePlus 5T is basically the same as the Google Pixel 2 in terms of specs. The Google Pixel 2 (XL) has stock Android and because of that, its perfomance is a bit better. But don’t worry, the OnePlus 5T is one of the best Android phones when it comes to performance too, it has an Android version called “OxygenOS” which is close to stock-Android. So it should run IF smoothly with no problems.


Most underrated iPhone of all time


I’m thinking of getting one…


Does anyone know if this device is compatible with global
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite


Alright, so I’ve edited this up a bit; specifically the Apple related devices section. I separated and reorganized the iPads and iPhones so its easier for folks to find the device that they’re looking for.

If someone who knows their Androids well and knows how to format, feel free to touch up the Android section. I didn’t touch it because I don’t know Androids and what is what. It’s probably best to sort them out by age and by tablets and phones.

Like I said earlier I sorted them by iPads and iPhones, and within each of those I sorted them by age. The oldest device is first on the list. Would be nice to get this list a bit more populated for both iOS and Android. There’s bound to be more devices out there.


I’m using an Google Nexus 6Pand its working verry fine


Shouldn’t we try to find a iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Generation?
And a 10.5
They do have slightly different performance, but it might not be enough to notice on IF.


Leave the Android part to me, gonna edit it soon! :)


Thanks mate, should be easier to find specific devices now

Unfortuantly I don’t see my iPod Touch 2nd Gen on here though XD


Well, this is awkward, I can’t edit my own thread :P
Device: iPod Touch 6th Gen
Operating system: iOS 11.1.2
Rendering quality: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off (Mostly)
Limit Framerate: On
Airplane Count: Medium
Low-power mode: On
Notes: With the same internals as the iPhone 6, this thing is a beast! The A8 performs well and I have completed many flights with it. Had to close background apps but works well.


Device: iPhone 6s
Operating system: iOS 11.3
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit framerate: Off
Airplane count: High
Low-power mode: On
Notes: Runs incredibly smooth, can slow down a bit when there are a high amount of planes, but overall very impressive.


Device : Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
Battery : 3600mAh
Operating System : Android 7.0 Nougat
Rendring Quality : High / low
Rendring Resolution : High / low
Texture Quality : High / Low
Anti Aliasting : Off
Limit framerate : on
Airplane Count : Low / very high
Low Power mode : Always On
Note : excess j7 pro, on battery, with 3600mah battery, very powerful for long distance fly, without charging device, even able to survive until 9-13 hours, depending on condition, in device. But the Galaxy J7 PRO is also not too strong, if all the graphics settings, set to “high and anti aliasting on” will cause, this j7 pro device has a bit of a problem but on the other hand, j7 pro, for battery, on this device, powerful even able to make long-distance flights, without charging, especially if power-saving mode is enabled, set graphics to low, turn off sync, turn off notifications and clear the cache. My farthest flight, without charging the device, flew from London to Jakarta for 13 hours 19 minutes, battery remaining only 23%


Device: iPhone 8 Plus

Operating system: iOS 11.3

Rendering Quality: High

Rendering Resolution: High

Texture quality: High

Anti-Aliasing: On

Limit frame rate: Off

Notes: Runs IF greatly at High resolution without any lag. 1 hour of game play is about 25% of battery usage, this is without plugging in or using low power mode during long flights.


I don’t have anyone to vouch but we should probably put the Mini 3 down…


Internally, and all but the home button it is identical to the mini 2… so should run the same…


Device: ASUS Zenpad 3s 10 (z500m)
Operating system: Android 7.0
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Limit framerate: Off
Airplane count: Very High
Low-power mode: On
Notes: Occasionally when an airport is busy you will have to turn the graphics to medium, but it runs great. It can get very hot so keep the brightness down!


Just wanted to bump this topic up, I’d like to see a few more android s because as you may have noticed, I’ve left the community for a good 6 months. Why? I can’t get IF running on my tablet :/ I’m actually buying a new one but I’m not sure which to get. My limit is £200