Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17


Great. And… Why are you telling us this??
Funny how your iPad was taken away from you by your parents but now it’s broken and has been magically fixed again…


It was Apple’s Warranty, so it was shipped from the US it 2 days which I think is flash speed.


Is this event over already?


No it’s is still on going but sign ups ended last week


Ohhhhhhh, darn it, i wanted that money


Just a quick update guys
Promo video for the race is out, don’t know if you’ve already watched it.
Massive shout out to @Overspeed and too many other amazing people at aerosync. This was a team effort that took many many hours and it couldn’t have been fine without them
Kiro out


Oh and the guy hiding at the back playing Bejeweled? We’ll be having words later…


I copied and pasted the flight plan and it shows this…


@Panther You have to manually enter it just like TheOP did in the video that he provided ;)

  1. @Alfonso22 - no time
  2. @Brandon_Kreuter - submitted
  3. @Chief305 - submitted
  4. @Panther - submitted
  5. @Kirito_77 - submitted
  6. @Rockydawg_42 - submitted
  7. @Samuel_Szeto - no time
  8. @Kevin_Potthast - submitted
  9. @oscar_mur - no time
  10. @UpgradeMe - submitted
  11. @cleipelt - no time
  12. @Andre_Solgren_Nilsen - no time
  13. @William_Armstrong - no time
  14. @Reese - no time
  15. @Boodz_G - submitted
  16. @Grady_Herbert - submitted
  17. @ChrisLevet232 - no time

Only 4 racers have submitted their time.

Please see the time trial 2 details above on how to submit.

You have until 0000z Tuesday, 14 November to submit your time or your will be disqualified!


You mean 2359Z today or tomorrow?


Don’t worry, I will submit

Only problem, the FPL is half the challenge😉


The expiration of the time trial is literally right there…


So is it at 11:59pm + 1 minute UK time of Tuesday?


I don’t know, that’s why I used ZULU time. At 0000z Tuesday the 14th of November the time trial will end


0000z is tonight guys!!


You can count me out of the race. Time isn’t in my hands the next while unfortunately. Good luck to everyone else participating.


You have roughly 45 minutes to complete



crap im doing right now


18 minutes left…