Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17


Yay i actually won something in my life. Lets hope school dosent get in the way of this.😋😄


My plan is to smoke OP and the rest of the opp LOL…
OP be afraid of my hypersonic close to light speed, I think after this my title should not be “fastest in the land” but “God Of Speed” because the trail of fire and smoke I will leave behind my wake is insane, I will offer to give my gift card to the person that goes #2 in position, since I will smoke them so bad that they need a gift card to cheer them up 😘, “God Speed Boys” 😌😁😆😛


Oh ya well guess what im going to. IM PROBABLY GOING TO LOSE.


This race only gets better, speeding Mach 3 across a desert is really fun!


12 Racers left not including DeerCrusher and myself.

Time Trial #2 will be the last trial before the race. Had we gotten 50, there would have been 4 time trials, the last one eliminating 4.

Here is what you can expect if we can get 12 racers into the “playoffs”.

There are currently a few people signed up to be a judge to watch and verify the race.


Ok cool!
Now, how will we coordinate these times? Will there be a Slack group we will be a part of?


So is the last time trial eliminating it down to the top 10? And if so how are we mached up with opponents? And one last thing are we racing at the same time?


It will eliminate down to 12 + deer and I. 14 total racers going into the brackets.


I will have to figure that out. It will be primarily up to each bracket to figure out a time they can race. The rounds will not continue until each race in that round has been completed.

You will be matched by your time in the second time trial.

The same as any seeded bracket.

We will figure this out after TT2


Gosh dang it! I missed sign-up and and subsequent time-trial by 6 hours… I wish I would’ve seen this topic 14hrs ago… I guess that’s my punishment for rarely visiting the events category… 😭😭😭

I really would’ve enjoyed partaking in this event…


When will TT2 be posted?


Very happy to have reached a draw with @Panther and yes the winds were a massive help @r3life.
Prepare to have your deers crushed, kiro is coming for you…


Yes, I didn’t die! I thought I was screwed


The next time trial will be posted Sunday

I will tag all the racers when it goes live


Gives me some time to perfect my F22 landings… sewer!

Edit: I meant sweet, that was a funny one so I’ll keep it…

  1. @Alfonso22 w/ 18:54
  2. @Brandon_Kreuter w/ 19:05
  3. @Chief305 w/ 19:10
  4. @Panther w/ 19:23
  5. @Kirito_77 w/ 19:23
  6. @Rockydawg_42 w/ 19:28
  7. @Samuel_Szeto w/ 19:38
  8. @Kevin_Potthast w/ 20:12
  9. @oscar_mur w/ 20:17
  10. @UpgradeMe w/ 20:31
  11. @cleipelt w/ 20:31
  12. @Andre_Solgren_Nilsen w/ 20:51
  13. @William_Armstrong w/ 20:53
  14. @Reese w/ 21:14
  15. @Boodz_G w/ 21:33
  16. @Grady_Herbert w/ 21:37
  17. @ChrisLevet232 w/ 21:50

Racers, Time Trial Two has been posted! You have a few extra days to complete this objective! You must send you me your log book and time in a DM BEFORE 0000z 14 November 2017!

Good Luck!!


Are we still allowed to upload multiple times?
Say I do well once and send you the time, then I try again and get a better time.
Also, provided these times will be sent via PM, will we only get the times after the competition?


Yes, if you get a better time prior to the close of the time trial you may send that.

Yes, I will post the results after the time trial has expired and you will all know what everyone got.


@THE-OP you guys got saved that my iPad was Broken, If not you guys would be Broken Plates, but my iPad got broken and I will get the replacement from Apple maybe Friday next week or the Monday of the week after, but sadly, I cant continue on. Good luck to @Brandon_Kreuter!



idk how but my iPad got to the Apple Store here yesterday,Well because of the Independence of Cartagena, Theres no work on Saturday and Monday, meaning I’ll have at least a bit more than 2 hours to do TT2. Wish me luck!