Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17


19:38- time trial one!


bummer man, well thanks for signing up!


well what’d you get?


Apologies sir! I gave you the wrong time. It is 20:29 not 20:19 :) I’ll try to fly again and get it down anyway though.


let me know, the last time posted when time expires is what you get


Can I still join? Please. I really want to do this lol


I decided to do a touch and go at KGCN and fueled up at PHX. Time for that was 21:15. Starting one right now flying by GCN and fueling up at PHX. Just a little warm up. Will post the new time here in a bit.


Ok, and just to confirm. You only stop at either KGCN or KPHX to get gas? And the other you can just turn around at cruise correct?


that is correct, only stop at one for gas.


I just tried to land, then my iPad was like NOPE!


Time Trial: 21 minutes 37 seconds


Get back out there and try again!


You may, go ahead and complete the time trial!


21 min 15 sec for me


I’m going to do the next one I crashed… again… F22’s aren’t exactly my “strong” area in IF, but I will try the next one!


If you don’t post a time you will be eliminated, try the 18, 14, a10…


Ok I will right now.


what the heck… 7 mins of fuel in the F18??? screw it.


I’m not going to advance. :(


As i was reading back over the eventt i realised that i did not go around airports as i was supposed to. So i went again. My new time was 19:28. Soory for the confusion.