Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17



this is what I decided would be the most feasible option.

this only applies for the time trials.


To further add on to what THE-OP said, we should all be mature here and so he is trusting us to ensure we don’t fabricate the time we took to compete the trial, it will become clear after the trials if you did lie as you won’t be able to compete with the others as you will be too slow in which case you are wasting people’s time. Be sensible and act your age (don’t lie)


Due to time constraints I can’t do it anymore.


Time trial 1: 3. Attempt, my best time 20.51.22…


Well myself and @Brandon_Kreuter completed the trial together and therefore can confirm eachothers times


Time Trial 1: 20minutes 17seconds


Time Trial One – 20 minutes 19 seconds
Video available to race official upon request.
Might try again later tonight for a better time :)


Time Trial 1 18:54
Was sweating after this one


Time Trial 121:33.


26 minutes 30secs. Disappointing I know, don’t have time for another attempt.


Time Trial 1
19 Minutes and 10 Seconds
Im ready to destroy you op 👿


19 minutes and 5 seconds was my best time


Just for kicks and giggles, I’m going to hop on the Casual server in about 30-35mins and run a time trial. If anyone wants to either race, spectate, or watch me pull away from you as I win, let me know. 🙃


Even though I completed it already, I think racing the mighty DeerCrusher is a chance nobody could deny, I’ll see you there.


19:10 is a good time… i may have to brush up and tune the jet a little bit


We’ve got a lot of racers who havent reported their first time trial run

@ChrisLevet232 @Daniel14 @USA007 @RTG113 @Reese @Justin_Chan @UpgradeMe @William_Armstrong @Marshall_Hilfman @Grady_Herbert @Blu_Games @Aussie_Wombat @Samuel_Szeto @Kyle.r24 @tomthetank @justifyletters @r3life @PiloteerFrankie

currently 22:13Z, a tad under two hours to get those runs posted.


Oh shoot didn’t see this, I’m doing it now


Hey, unfortunately I can’t participate anymore due to last minute plans. Good luck to the other racers!


Time Trial 1: 20 minutes 31 seconds


20:53 - time trial one results.