Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17



Last question: When does the timer start? When you take off or when you enter the runway?


When you start your takeoff roll


Hey, just wondering where we post the final time?
Also gr8 job on the landing @Kevin_Potthast, don’t think a f22 has ever hit the ground so hard ;)


And what about rounding the airport we refuel at? Do we still have to stay outside of the line or can you cross in a tad bit?


The airport you are landing at you may approach however you want


Post your time in this thread,

“Time Trial 1 —- xx:xx”


Ok another question.
Do we have to land back at KLAS or can we just speed over the runway at two gazillion knots?


☝️ I think you just need to pass the threshold in the air. I hope so because I think I got a pretty good time. 😜 @Kevin_Potthast


Alrighty, that makes sense
I recorded my last flight and got a time I would be fine with submitting :) I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I need to re fly :)


TIME TRIAL #1: 19 minutes 05 seconds


TIME TRIAL #1 19Minutes23Seconds


Add me please. I feel the need… the need… image


Time Trial 1: 20 minutes 31 seconds


Time trial 1: 19 minutes 23 seconds


Sorry if this is stupid, but how do you know that people aren’t just making up their times? Are you just trusting people and relying on their integrity or am I missing something!?


Agreed, I was wondering that too!


Sign me up OP. I will make a supersonic man out of myself.

queen referende


Sign me up please! I’m in.


Interesting, sign me up plz


Sign me up please, let’s give this a shot!