[CLOSED] Virgin America Virtual Presents - Back in Business @ KSFO 012300ZSEP18



We're Officially Back!

And we want you to attend our first event since we have resumed operations!

Date and Time: September 1, 2018 1:00 AM (Europe: Paris), August 31, 2018 4:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
Route: Your Choice! This is a fly out event!
Aircraft: Generic A319, Virgin America A320, or Generic A321
Server: Training

Gates & Callsigns


D50: @Trevor_A
D51A: @Plane-Train-TV
D51B: @Dylan_M
D52: @AsternDestroyer
D53: @Rynjil_H
D54A: @Cwilliams21
D54B: @esant_15
D56A: @C_hawk
D56B: @Jack_Newton
D57: @Harry.airbus
D58A: @Black_Panthers
D58B: @QFA_12
More gates will be added if required.


Redwood 1 to 6: Reserved for Staff
Redwood 1: @Trevor_A
Redwood 3: @Plane-Train-TV
Redwood 7: @Dylan_M
Redwood 8: @AsternDestroyer
Redwood 9: @Cwilliams21
Redwood 9: @escant_15
Redwood 10: @Harry.airbus
Redwood 12: @QFA_12
Redwood 30: @C_hawk
Redwood 305: @Jack_Newton
Redwood 322: @Black_Panthers
Redwood 1582: @Rynjil_H
All others available

Want to Join Virgin America Virtual?

Well you're in luck! If you join Virgin America Virtual after attending this event, recieve an automatic promotion to Second Officer! For our current pilots, receive an extra hour of flight time just for attending this event! Sound good? Head over to our thread to join!

Virgin America VA // New Crew Center/PIREP System

Let’s get it. I’ll take a gate


Can I have a gate? Let’s go!


Do you need to be in this VA to participate? If not I’ll take a gate.


No. It’s for anyone who want to have a nice flight with VX! Sign Up now!


I will still sign up for this VA.


I’ve added you all! See you there!


I am going to fly to KLAX


Just realised I forgot to put what server 🤔 . I’ve made it TS.


Hello, I think I’ll take a gate too. Can we choose our callsign and gate or you take care of it?


Ok then, but what’s a servee?



Can I have a gate please!


If you want to choose, go right ahead, otherwise, I’ll take care of it.


Okay, so I take Gate D52 and my Callsign will be Redwood 5.


Unfortunately Redwood 5 is reserved for our staff members.


Oh yeah, I didn’t see that. So redwood 10.


Is it 1:00 AM or PM ?


It is…
September 1, 2018 12:00 AM (Europe: Paris), August 31, 2018 3:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
That will show in your local time.


Okay Nice I can’t wait for this flight. See you soon 😉



Virgin America Virtual have a discord server for Vocal ATC. Is this something you would be interested in using for this event?

  • Yes
  • No

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