(CLOSED) TAP VA Landing Competition @ EDDL - 181630ZJUL17


Ok, what aircraft? A320 or 747-200?


I chanched plans any other gate? Im going to Fly the A320 TAP Livery.


Ok I'll put you in, there's another gate available.


I'll go in the 747-200


Since I cannot tag more than 10 people in a post
@Sam_Jacobs1 - You'll take gate C01
@xxOxx - You'll take gate B11


Hey, can I get a gate please?


Yes, what aircraft will you be flying?

@Jack_IF your gate is B09


I'll be flying the A321 if that's okay? If so, what skin should I have on it?


Ok,generic Livery will do.


Fellow pilots,we are getting near the event, I've changed ideas the holding pattern is no longer there and you have to wait for the plane in front of you to reach 3,000ft in order to take-off and maintain good spacing.Do not exceed 240 knots!

This shows both directions (if the winds suddenly change)



Hello Monseiur please sign me up for B747-200, what livery though?


Hello, Air Portugal Livery Will do it take gate B08


@International Hey, do we need specific call signs for when the event starts? Or do we just go with person preference? Thanks.


Specific callsigns, see post above I edited


I’m guessing it’s just the TP part e.g (TP018). Otherwise it is too long


It isn't the max is 9 characters


Attention all aircraft please follow me in the downwind and stuff to land.


Please stay in this thread during the event to see if anything changes


All aircraft please spawn in your gates with the correct aircraft! We will wait for everybody


Okay coming. It is on the training server isn't it?


Nope its on Expert server bud.