(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


I’m sorry to hear that and I will leave your name on just in case;)


Thank you for joining!


awesome! thanks for organising such a cool event


Unless you want me to remove your name for other UVA members to join?


The Event Starts In Less Than 24 Hours


Thanks man! I hope you enjoy yourself


@Brent_Adams I realized that when I arrive at KLAX, I will not be home. May I switch my destination to KJFK instead?


Yes sir you can! I will change it for you


Can i get virgin america terminal callsign Redwood 293 aircraft a320


What route will you be flying?


Sorry for long wait


It’s ok I just done a flight! Thanks for joining!


Thanks for inviting me to the flight (:


No problem! Enjoy the event tomorrow!


Less Than 15 Hours Away


I would love to have a gate I am in Hawaiian VA
Callsign- HVA209
Aircraft- 767


I’m glad you are joining but under the website the aircraft used for that flight is a B763


Ok I will find a gate that will fit a B763! Thanks for joining!


I’m really excited for the event!


I’m glad and Gate 54 is yours!