(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


This post is kind of part of the topic but I just want your opinions on my flights.

Hey everyone!

The event is getting closer and closer as time passes and I feel like a lot of us (including me) are very excited about it. If you look at the gate assignments, you can see me as being reserved for Gate 16 as Alaska 64 and Alaska 834. If you look at my flight routes, you can see that the flight time is going to take around 10 hours. That is where I need your suggestion. I am in PST time and I am planning to take off from KSJC to PHNL at around 7 am (1500Z). After taxiing into Gate 16, I will probably hang out there for around an hour or so and take off for KPDX at around 1 pm PST (11 am Hawaii time) (2100Z). After landing in KPDX, I am either going to leave or fly one more flight to Seattle, but I am undecided about which to do. By the time I am landing in KPDX, the time should be around 6-7 pm PST (0200Z-0300Z). We know that Seattle is one of Alaska Airline’s hubs and I was thinking if I should make a flight there or not.

Should I make a flight to Seattle (KSEA) from Portland (KPDX) as Alaska 5213?

  • Yes, I suggest you fly to Seattle from Portland.
  • No, I do not suggest you fly to Seattle from Portland.

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Sorry if this post may be off-topic but I just want your suggestions. :) Please do not criticize me on this. I am just wanting your suggestions. :)



P.S. The votes will close in 24 hours and then if your suggestions say “Yes,” I will tell @Brent_Adams.

EDIT: Votes are now closed and all of the voters have voted “YES.”


Also, maybe plan to fly in about 30 minutes earlier so you can takeoff with the rest of the madness


Oh my, either I have to take off earlier by waking up earlier or set a faster speed and a more direct flight plan into Honolulu! XD I will consider it. Thanks! :) @Balloonchaser


Ok brent i’ll be Hawaiian 551 thanks!


Could I have gate 33 please 763


My call sign will be HVA127


can i get gate 34 plz PHNL-NTAA HVA144



I created a poll yesterday asking people whether after landing in KPDX should I make another flight to Seattle as Alaska Airlines 5213. All of them voted “Yes.” If you want, you could add one more flight to my name at Gate 16 KPDX-KSEA Alaska 5213.

I don’t know if this flight would be any important or relating to the event but I thought that I should make a flight to Seattle.


What route will you be flying?


I will definitely add it


I will take a Hawaiian Interisland gate please!



I may be late. This is an all day event, correct?


Sorry at the end I will not could to fly


Can i get plz gate 21

Thanks dude.


in zulu time is it 13th January? the event i mean, because if so yes i will be ups 45 heavy a a332f and i will be flying to louisville (ksdf) and i will take ups gate 1


This event may only take an hour or so. It won’t be an all day event


ok kl but will it occur on the 13th at 2000z?


Yes this is on the 13th of January at 2000Z


Oh. Well, I’m probably not going to make it then.


kl count me in then my details are in a message above