(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


Oh sorry!, Boeing777F, PHNL-KMEM. FDX1342


I will add it as soon as I get home! Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy!


Oh! Also, callsign UVA-002, Airbus A320-200.


I will add the info when I get home!


brent i’m agusaeromexico, i will have the callsign of HVA551


Your not in Hawaiian Virtual Though…


so i can’t be in the event?


You can but that Callsign is for Hawaiian Virtual Airline Members. (You will see a bunch of HVA’s and we dont want to try to communicate with you in the slack and never get a response) ;)


Hey @AgusAeromexico

You don’t have to be in a VA to be in this event but you can’t use a VA’s callsign that you’re not in. You can use a Hawaiian callsign like “Hawaiian 952” or something like that.

Brent Adams (HVA0722)


I’ll take gate 19. AAVA020, B772, PHNL-KDFW.


@Brent_Adams @Balloonchaser should I change my call sign to HVA1367 as I am now part of the VA?


I would definitely be going to this event and represent my VA


Sign me up please!

HVA231 - B763 - PHNL-NTAA [Tahiti]


What route will you be flying?


Not entirely sure yet… I’ll update you soon.


Could I please get gate 22? I will be flying with callsign United 1039 From PHNL to KSFO


So far, it looks like I am the only one doing an approach into PHNL and then possibly doing a departure from PHNL to KPDX. XD


What aircraft will you be flying?


Oh, by the way, my flight from PHNL to KPDX will not have the callsign being Alaska 64 but it will be Alaska 834. :)


Less Than 3 Days Away