(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


I will take gate 25, United VA.



Thank you for joining! @William_Armstrong @CaptainJulioG @Jshnlsn


NOTAM: The 3 Delta Gates that are available will be changed to United in less than 24 hours! If you’d like to fly in a Delta livery please request it now!


Brent Adams (HVA0722)


Unfortunately I can’t attend this event. I got 5 violations from a stalled flight and can’t fly on expert anymore


I’m sorry to hear that! On Christmas, I actually got 6 from when I left to go feed my dogs lol. See you in the skies!


it will be a 767 or a 787. Leaning towards the 789 more.


I will put the B789 for now then ;)


Less Than 5 Days Away!!!


I might also do a departure flight from Honolulu to KPDX as Alaska Airlines 834. Same aircraft, from the same gate after arriving from KSJC.


Also, could you edit my name on Gate 16 please? I recently had a username change because my old one is pretty boring.


May I sign up in the Delta gates, if they become United gates? (Apart of UVA)


Delta gates if they become United Gates? Not to be mean but I don’t get it.


@BigBert10 If no one signs up for Delta, they will become United gates.


Oh, I see. Thanks for pointing that out to me. :) I didn’t see that post. XD


I will change your name and I have UVA members requesting to join and nobody is really taking the Delta gates


Sure thing! I will most likely be adding you from the looks of it!


Sounds great! Thank you for adding even more realism to this event!


NOTAM: More United gates are now available!


I would love to take a FedEx spot!


What aircraft and route?