(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


Hawaiian 396 en route to Kahului


I forgot to ask but what route are you flying?



It’s my favorite route to do in IF.


Can I reserve gate 14 for Air Canada 1830 up to Vancouver.


What aircraft are you flying?


May i get a gate for Japan Airlines.
Honolulu (HNL) – Osaka (KIX)
Callsign Japan Air 7 9 1
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-200ER

Just a side question, does the departure time have to be the same as in irl (Hawaiian Local Time)?


No! I’m trying to have realism with a variety of airlines at one airport but it doesn’t have to be the same departure time in real life. You can pushback anytime after the event’s scheduled starting time.

Thanks for joining!


I’ll be flying to RJBB not RJOO. I should’ve clear about that from the beginning, sorry.


RJOO is Osaka International and RJBB is Kansai International so RJBB (Kansai) is going to be your destination?


Hawaiian Virtual Airlines is Proud to Sponsor this Event!


Please go check this VA out! I’ve seen them practically redo and completely improve the website! They have even added a rewards program! I can definitely say this VA is growing fast! If you join them you will definitely be treated like family! I promise!


Do I have to be with an airline? I usually just fly private in like a Citation X.


No I can add a gate for you since I can’t put you in an airline gate


Yes. I’ll be going to Kansai International (RJBB)


Ok you will be beside the Hawaiian InterIsland terminal in gate 62. @Captain_Brenneman

Thank you! @Captain_JR


Sounds good, I will be there!


Glad to hear! What will your callsign and route be?


Callsign N770JD route PHNL-KMSY.


I am apart of UVA and will be flying to Guam, Callsign UVA-005, Aircraft-Boeing 767


Can i Take gate 20??
Aircraft: 787-9 American Airlines
Callsign: AA 3165super