(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18


Sorry about that i didn’t spell check


May I take gate 49 for a Hawwian Airlines B712 to Kahului on gate 55 on HVA-551


The HVA callsign is only for pilots in Hawaiian Virtual Airlines! We will be participating massively in this event [To Come]


I’ll take Gate 17!

Thank you very much!


Air Canada 789 please - callsign: Air Canada 106


What will your callsign be?


Thank you again for helping!


What aircraft and callsign?


Sure thing! Thanks for joining! What will your route be?


Could I take one of the Hawaiian 763s to LAS? Hawaiian 8


According to Tyler’s IFATC schedule, PHNL will not have IFATC on Saturday
The places that will are:
United Kingdom
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New York
New Jersey
West Virginia
Washington DC


I may open up more Qantas and Jetstar gates since the flights to Australia are so long that that the IFATC will already be controlling Australia.

So if anyone would like IFATC please know the time of the flight and what time you will be there in Zulu! Please refer to the IFATC schedule.


Apologies for my indecisiveness, am I able to alter my request, can I take a Hawaiian 767. Going to be PHNL - KSFO. Callsign is gonna be Hawaiian 106? If that is not possible then no worries :)


Sure thing! I’ll get that right away


May I take Gate 30 to KLAX? Callsign will be Hawaiian 12


Yes sir! Since gate 30 was just taken, I will put you in gate 31!


Airbus A320 (It’s the Virgin America terminal). My call sign will be Redwood 1060.


Thank you for coming!


Can I join on the 717 Hawaiian Airlines gate


Sure thing! What will your callsign and route be?