[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Bay Area Adventure @ KSFO - 122000ZAUG17


Can i have a Gate please?


May I be assigned to a gate?


How do I spawn in?
Also are there instructions? This is my first event so I don’t know anything.


can I get a gate, ta.


@Kaspar_Danielowski, @CaptainMcDonald24, and @J9J9T, gate assignments above, welcome aboard!

@Bigbug747 Check group chat for full NOTAMs


Sorry for late request, but, may I have a gate?


May I have a gate? This is my first event I’m very excited


Can I have a Gate please


Im gonna be attending this flight, May I have a gate please?


I could also do ATC. I have great experience


Gate assignments above for @Sanjaya_Singh, @nicgorman, and @TheNAchoKKd. ATC not needed, thanks!


Can I please have a gate. I know I’m a bit late since the event starts in an hour. But can I have a gate😬😅


Please I want a gate😓It’s my first ever event and I wanna try it out


Yes you can, D58A is yours.


Thankssss, but… like how do I access the event?


Spawn in at your assigned gate.


@CaptJackson Will there be a chat for this event or is this the chat? I mean like a quick chat (hangouts, skype, etc.)? Do you what NOTAM is, in infinite flight, I was kind of confused from it?


Same for me. I like infinite flight. It’s a cool game.


There is the group chat here on the IFC.


Is is going to be on the training server?