[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Bay Area Adventure @ KSFO - 122000ZAUG17


@CaptJackson I will be needing a gate. Can i please have one.


Roger, I’ll put both of you down for a Gate, assignments above.


May I have a gate please?


Yes you can, yours will be Gate C45


@CaptJackson , should we have terminal A go taxi first to the runway and then have terminal b go after half a finishes and so fourth? Just wondering, it might be easier to organize.


That is the plan. If we do have our ATC team come on out it will be a lot easier. The group chat is for questions like these in the future :)


Can I please have a gate? My call sign is DAEF8764


I will love to come!!! Can I have a gate please?


Yep, C46 and C47 for each of you!


I would like a gate please


Roger that, take the last C Gate, C48


Can i have a gate
At a terminal


This is shaping up to be a great event! San Fran is going to be painted with the SW colors on saturday it looks like!


Yes you can! Our first D gate at D51


Please do more of these


I want a gate can i Get one ¿


You sure can, D51A is yours!


Put me in pleases if you can


Yep, your Gate is D51B. Welcome aboard!


Can i have a Gate please ?