[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Bay Area Adventure @ KSFO - 122000ZAUG17


May i be signed up.


Welcome aboard all of you, gate assignments above.


Hi, may I have a gate please? SWA1981


While your at it put me down for a gate also 😂 thx


Welcome aboard! @Mjv0309 at B30 and @CaptCurt at B31.


I need a gate plz SWA558


Yes you will, Gate B32A is yours. Welcome aboard!


How do I join?? I rlly want to be apart of this event


By commenting, which you have :) Gate B33A is yours!


No promises but I might come.


I’ll give you a Gate just in case, B34A for you!


Can I join. Although I am on Leave I am not that busy on the day of the event.


Take Gate B35A @Kyriakos_Papasavas


Hello! Could I please have a gate? I will be SWA337 . thank you!


You sure can, Gate B36A is yours!


I’ll come if am not busy, Need a gate Please and thanks


Yep, Gate C41 is yours. Welcome aboard!


Sign me up. I’d love to come


Roger that, Gate C42 is yours!


@CaptJackson, put me down for a gate pending how the ATC things go, but will be there either way!