[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


Alright I’ll just fly in about 30-60 minutes after the event starts


@Brent_Adams Ok. See you there!


Then gate G091 for me please! (Air Canada 026)


can I have an emirates gate? seeing as I am CEO of emirates VA. If possible


Please can I have gate A11B. Call sign N314WQ


Gate E61 for me please. United 906heavy


Could I please have this gate?


@chris6221 @Larry @Massimo_Murgida See you all there!

@Harris_Carvel @United-Express Those gates are unavailable. Please choose another gate.


If Global is out by the 14th October I will fly EK226 KSFO - OMDB. I already used Simbrief to file the flight plan and a fuel calculator website to calculate fuel. Hopefully Global is out so I can do this flight! If not, I’ll save it for later!


do you have emirates cargo gate?


@Harris_Carvel No sorry Emirates Cargo doesn’t serve KSFO.


I will take gate F84 please…call signall United 787super!!


@xristos_karageorgiou See you there!


I’ll just show up then. Thanks for the help though


Would love to join!
Gate F82
United 787-10


Is the time that you set KSFO time in real life or British time or what?


Or should I say San Frasico time?


Anyone now. I hope to be coming along in my united express- bombardier dash 8 Q 400- so what gate can I use for it?


GATE C47: Delta - B757-200 -
ill take this


Sign me up for Gate F85 plz