[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


Can I get gate F88 please


Ok would GATE F76 work then? Iā€™m not sure which are the 787 gates


Correction, GATE F89. for united 787-9


Iā€™d like to make a gate change to The International Terminal gate G101 to fly the A380 globally


@Krunchy_Toast @Jaken_Wu See you there!

@Brent_Adams That gate is already taken.


@jakevaz423 so, do I have a gate actually? I cannot wait to it


@Lucas_Dominguez You have a gate.


Neber mind, I have just saw it, thank you very much


Can i have a gate ??


@Duxford-spitfire Sure! Please choose one from the list above.


Well I fly for southwest so I will be flying southwest


@Duxford-spitfire Okay. Please find the Southwest gates in the Gate list above. And choose one. The aircraft that is assigned to that gate can be seen next to the airline.


Gate -B20 ?? Will that be ok


@Duxford-spitfire Yep! See you there!


Can I take gate A7? My call sign will be Koreanair 26 Heavy.


Are there any gats left for a A380 Lufthansa


@chris6221 Gate A07 is not available.


@Brent_Adams No. Please find an available gate in the list above.


@jakevaz423 I was watching my older bro playing and I saw him in your last event!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


@SWORD_INFINITY Awesome! Thank you!