[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


I’ll get T2 D56A pls!Thanks!


@AdamTanA350 See you there!


Thanks u for the quick and warm response!


@jakevaz423 Will you do more of these in the future? It sounds like a lot of fun! If Global is out before this event I’m going to do the real aircraft’s route!


@AustralianFlyer I will try!


That’s cool, see you there!


Hi Can I get d59 American 757-200


@jakevaz423 My intentions were to get a gate… not to change aircraft


Can I get gate G096 with the Virgin Atlantic A340-600?


@Nathan_McIntyre10 @CooCo2

@Lucas_Dominguez I know. That was meant for someone else.


Please have Gate097. Boeing 787-9 American Airlines


@Doppee1 Gate G097 is taken. Please find the American Airlines gates if that is the livery you would like to fly.


Ok sure I’ll take C48


@Doppee1 See you there!


Sure, I’ll take a gate there. Assign me any you like.


@personmajig I don’t like giving people gates, because I don’t want to unsatisfy people. Choose any gate that you would like!


I changed my aircraft and gate for Global reasons. 😉


Can i please get GATE D53, United airline 787-9, callsign United 1549 Heavy


Sorry, actually i would take GATE E63, United Airline 787-9, callsign United 1549 Heavy


@Jaken_Wu Gate E63 is a B757-200 gate. Please choose another gate for the B787-9.