[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


Ok. BTW, I think we should have the #3 of the event at KJFK, just recommending.


@Justin_Chan I try to keep my events in free regions so everyone can join. Hopefully by the time I create my next event, Global will be out, so anyone with a Live subscription will be able to depart from anywhere. ;)


@jakevaz423 not trying to speculate, but I but if Global comes out before the event, then put me in AO-2.


Ah, didn’t think of that. That’s cool too!


I said gate 55 because that’s the gate I used when I flew out of SFO on VX918 last month but ok…
I’ll use 54 then.


@VirginAmerica See you there!


I can be ATC (Center)


@Connor_Seymour Sure!


Is there any plane using gate A07 or A09?
I think I may join the event with China Airlines 77W or 744.
Callsign should be Dynasty 7842.


@Tsungjui3819 Please read th list of gates, aircraft, and airlines.


@jakevaz423 move me to AO-2 please, for “global” reasons…




C U There! Ready to Fly :D


I’m gonna fly from KSFO - MMJT if you know what I mean lol.


@SVEN_MORLEY I’m planning to fly from KSFO to KMCO


I just bought the 737-800, can I be as close my best friend Marshall Hilfman as possible? I want the United livery.


@Dimitri1 I put you as close as possible. You’re in Terminal 3 (Boarding Area E). Please find your gate above.


I would like to join - Gate F81. Thanks


@Marcus_Chee See you there!


Can I request a gate change to G101. Thanks