[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


Well organized event. I can’t wait to see some pictures!


@Marshall_Hilfman The closest I can get @Dimitritheaviator to you is Gate E68, but he will have to fly an A320. Is that okay?


Well if there’s an E gate available for the 737 that’s fine. If not I guess it’s fine because he only has the 737.


@Marshall_Hilfman I can put you guys next to each other if you can change your gate to F76 but you’ll have to make your aircraft an A320. There are no B737-900 gates, can @Dimitritheaviator fly a B737-800?


Crud… I don’t think he come then! Are you sure that there isn’t a single 737-900 that flies out of SFO? I’m good where I am I think, any United Virtual gate is good because I want to represent!


@Marshall_Hilfman Gate A02 Alaska Airlines is the only B737-900 gate.


@Marshall_Hilfman Sorry. I will try to incorporate more B737-900s in my next event. Where I’m from the -800 is the most popular, so that is why there are so many of them.


I’ll take gate C43 Delta 0019


@Trumpeteerjones see you there!


Are the virtual airlines gonna do events starting at KSFO?


@SVEN_MORLEY No. I reserved half of the gates for the respected Virtual Airlines so their pilots can get some practice. If they do not respond to me by Friday, those gates will be opened to the public.


Ah OK then thanks @jakevaz423


I’ll take gate 55 at Terminal 2. I’ll be in my Virgin America A320, VX918. Is that fine?


Can I come in an American 787-9 in Gate A11 International Terminal?


@VirginAmerica If you can see, Gate D55 is an American Airlines Gate. Please choose another gate.


@Justin_Chan A11 is not an American gate. There isn’t even an A11.


I’ll be there in gate g098 Air Lingus


Can I have a gate please for the Virgin America A320.


@jakevaz423 Oh sorry, I will come in gate A05 in a KLM 787-9 then.


@Shane_Burke @ThomasR @Justin_Chan See you all there!

@Justin_Chan You’re gate is in Terminal 2. Please find it above. Thanks!