[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


I’ll come in a dash 8.


@SVEN_MORLEY you actually have to pick the gate you want. I don’t believe there are any dash 8 gates here. Take a look at the list of gates.


Cargo 9-5 in a Cessna 208 then.


@SVEN_MORLEY See you there! :)


B62 737 800 united airlines


@Yenniaviation Gate E62 is reserved for United Virtual. Please read the information next to the gate. Thank you!


Okay sing me up to the gate a aimable to b737 800 united airlines please


Available :) please.


@Yenniaviation Here ya go! See you there!


Okay its good! Thanks


Can I take G094 in a Swiss 777 please


@DylanIE Sure! See you there!


Not trying to speculate, but when global comes out, can you do one of these at MKJP (Norman Manley)?


@SVEN_MORLEY maybe. ;)


Or KCID, but let’s not turn this into a “Realistic Airport Request Thread”. Lol


Can I fly a 737-900 United and for my gate to be in terminal E?


@Dimitritheaviator is my best friend, put him as close as you can to me, he only has the 737-900 United :)


How is he your best friend if he has only commented once (unless he’s your friend outside of IF)


He’s outside of IF. He flies on all the X plane and FSX. I can’t get him to come to IF ever! :-( he does the same and tries to get me to use X-Plane. and FSX.


We are friends outside of IF