[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


United Gate F83 PLZ, Thanks


@Pandu_Margi @Mickell_Augustine @Kameron_James Sure thing! See you there!

@Pandu_Margi Please change your callsign to the format shown under Flight Requirments. Thank you!


Ok i will be there please respect the approach.


Sighn me up. I am gonna be 737-800 American Airlines and my callsign is American 707.


@The_Porsche_Kid Please specify the gate you would like to occupy. Thanks!


Place me at C40 please and thnks. So excited.


@The_Porsche_Kid Glad you are excited! See you there!


I’ll take gate E66, thanks!


Changed: could I actually get a United B737-900 or 757-200 gate in the E terminal? Thanks.


That spot is for a Delta A319


Oops I’ll find another gate then


Then I’ll gate G092 Air New Zealand 777-300ER


@Jimmily @Marshall_Hilfman @savage251511 See you all there!

@Marshall_Hilfman I put you at E65 with a B757-200. :)


I will take Gate 11 in Air France Airbus a380! See you there!


@vabriola30 See you there!


Terminal 3 please :)


Terminal 3 787-8 air austral ;)


@Yenniaviation Read the assigned airline and aircraft next to the gate please. Thank you!


F90? Air austral?


@Yenniaviation As you can see, that gate is a United gate. Not an Air Austral. Air Austral doesn’t even serve KSFO. Please read the airline and aircraft listed next to the gate before requesting another one. Thanks.