[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


Could I have gate A03 please. :)


@Ahmad_Nur @Ibrahim29 See you there!

@xristos_karageorgiou I’m going to save your gate for you… just in case ;)


Can i have a Gate in A08 please ? KLM-787-9


@Harun_Koyuncu Gate A08 is not available.


Can i See which Gates are available ?


@Harun_Koyuncu Yes. If you click on the Gates tab above it will give you a drop down menu. Select a gate from there that does not have a name next to it.


Okay Thanks ✌️Please Gate F79 ? United A320


@Harun_Koyuncu Sure! See you there!


Count me has in flying 737-9 delta


@Ironman_Ballets Sure! Please choose a gate from the list above.


Temainal 1 C44 please


Can I get Gate B33A? I’ll be Southwest 23.


@Ironman_Ballets @RichCar_Theif Sure! See you there!


Sorry but, I can’t find Gate B33A on the map.


@RichCar_Theif Hmm… I guess they changed the gates. Choose another gate I guess.


I’ll take Gate B35, but there is no A and B. Thanks for letting me rechoose.


Hyped for this event! Can’t wait to do a realistic flight from SFO - DXB! It will look so amazing!


@RichCar_Theif Ok. No problem! See you there!


Where’s DXB at? Is it a long flight?


DXB is Dubai. It’s about a 15 hour flight.