[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


@Harris_Carvel Please don’t just show up. We want this to be as organized as possible. That is why there are gate assignments. If you want to join, please choose a gate.


@United-Express The time is in Zulu time. Sadly, there are no United Express gates. Please choose another gate.


@Octoberr @Luke_Around @LennyD See you all there!

@Octoberr Also Happy Birthday!


I would like Gate D56B for the American Airlines A321


Can I have a gate for my 717 delta pls


Any off the delta MAINT parking stands, MAINT delta 04 stand?


Can I please have gate f87


If ground is there then I will take that place


Ill be standby on any ATC


@ESJ_GAMING @Matthewk17 See you there!!

@United-Express We do not use the maintenance gates. Please choose an available listed gate above.

@william_johnson Ok you’re on ATC Ground standby.


Android have to wait a little longer for global 😒😒


Can I have Gate E63 please. United 690. See you :-)


@Danchr23 See you there!


Thanks I’ll be United 845


Gate B32B fir my southwest 737 700


May I have gate E64?


@United-Express See you there!


@Bram_van_Keulen Sure! See you there!


So, I take it that this will be on the TS1 Global server?


@A_Plane_Guy Yes. :)