[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering #2 @ KSFO - 141200ZOCT17


ANNOUNCEMENT: Global is now being rolled out to Android devices. Now everyone can start their Global flight from KSFO!

ANNOUNCEMENT: With the new Global update, apparently some gates have been changed. If your gate is no longer on the map, at the time of the event just spawn in at an open gate. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Server: Training Server [Global]

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSFO

Time: 10/14/17 - 1200Z

NOTAM: Since the last event was so successful, let’s do another Realistic Airport Gathering! Before requesting a gate, please make sure that gate, aircraft, and airline is available. Thank you! At exactly 1200Z, the airport will spring to life! Requirements to fly can be seen below.

Flight Requirements

  • You must file a flight plan (Unless you are flying a military aircraft).
  • You must make your callsign your airline plus a flight number (Example: United 423).
  • Do not do pattern work at KSFO. I don’t care if you do it anywhere else.
  • Follow ALL ATC Instruction
  • Be realistic
  • Have fun!

Tower: NismoKits
Ground: johnnybravoe
Approach: Mickell_Augustine
Departure: Chris_Peralez
Center: Connor_Seymour

When requesting a gate, please state the gate you want, and ONLY the gate you want. The aircraft and airline is already listed next to the gate, so there is no need to state what type of aircraft you are flying.

If a name next to a gate or ATC position is italicized, that means that gate is taken. Do not request to occupy that gate/position. Thank you!

  • Where are we flying to?
    There is no set destination. Fly anywhere you want!
  • What time is the event in my time zone?
    Use this chart.
  • Do I have to have a Live/Infinite Flight Pro subscription to join?
  • Why did you put it on the Training Server? There are so many noobs.
    Because I’m not Grade 3 yet. Sorry.
Commercial Gates
International Terminal (Boarding Area A)

GATE A01: JetBlue - A320 - ChiknNRiceGaming
GATE A02: Alaska - B737-900 - SVEN_MORLEY
GATE A03: Japan Airlines - B777-200ER - Ibrahim29
GATE A04: Cathay Pacific - A330-300 -
GATE A05: KLM - B787-9 - Justin_Chan
GATE A06: Etihad - A340-600 - Massimo_Murgida
GATE A07: Emirates - B777-200LR - AustralianFlyer
GATE A08: China Airlines - A330-300 - Lucas_Dominguez
GATE A09: AeroMexico - B777-200ER - Bapokin
GATE A10: Hawaiian Airlines - B767-300 - Mateus_Araujo
GATE A11A: British Airways - A380-800 - Pandu_Margi
GATE A11B: Air France - A380-800 - vabriola30
GATE A12: Qantas - A380-800 - CamoPlayz_517

Terminal 1 (Boarding Area B)

GATE B20: Southwest - B737-700 - Duxford-spitfire
GATE B21: Frontier - A318 - DS2001
GATE B22: Southwest - B737-800 - Blu_Games
GATE B23: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B24: Southwest - B737-800 -
GATE B24A: Southwest - B737-800 -
GATE B25: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B26: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B27: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B28: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B29: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B30: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B31: Frontier - A318 -
GATE B32A: Southwest - B737-700 -
GATE B32B: Southwest - B737-700 - United-Express
GATE B33A: Southwest - B737-700 -
GATE B33B: Southwest - B737-700 - MastaPlayZ_Mc_Rein_S
GATE B35A: Southwest - B737-700 - RichCar_Theif
GATE B35B: Southwest - B737-700 -
GATE B36A: Southwest - B737-700 - SouthwestFan
GATE B36B: Southwest - B737-700 -

Terminal 1 (Boarding Area C)

GATE C40: Delta - B737-800 - The_Porsche_Kid
GATE C41: Delta - A319 -
GATE C42: Delta - B737-800 -
GATE C43: Delta - A319 - Trumpeteerjones
GATE C44: Delta - B737-800 - Ironman_Ballets
GATE C45A: Delta - A319 -
GATE C46: Delta - B737-800 -
GATE C47: Delta - B757-200 - Luke_Around
GATE C48: Delta - B757-200 - Doppee1

Terminal 2 (Boarding Area D)

GATE D51: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE D51A: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE D51B: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE D52: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE D53: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE D54A: Virgin America - A320 - VirginAmerica
GATE D54B: Virgin America - A320 - ThomasR
GATE D55: American - A320 - Kristian_Ellis
GATE D56A: American - A321 - AdamTanA350
GATE D56B: American - A321 - ESJ_GAMING
GATE D57: American - B737-800 -
GATE D58A: American - B737-800 - Ahmad_Nur
GATE D58B: American - B737-800 - MEJRC
GATE D59: American - B757-200 - Nathan_McIntyre10

Terminal 3 (Boarding Area E)

GATE E60: United - B737-800 - theabdulrasheed
GATE E61: United - A320 - Larry
GATE E62: United - B737-800 - Dimitri1
GATE E63: United - B757-200 - Danchr23
GATE E64: United - B737-800 - Bram_van_Keulen
GATE E65: United - B757-200 - Marshall_Hilfman
GATE E66: United - B737-800 - Jimmily
GATE E67: United - B757-200 - Qantas737guy
GATE E68: United - A320 - Alfonso22
GATE E69: United - A320 -

Terminal 3 (Boarding Area F)

GATE F70: United - B737-800 -
GATE F71: United - B737-800 -
GATE F72: United - B737-800 -
GATE F73: United - B737-800 - Yenniaviation
GATE F73A: United - B737-800 -
GATE F74: United - B737-800 - TheNewbieTubie
GATE F75: United - B737-800 -
GATE F76: United - A320 -
GATE F77: United - A320 -
GATE F78A: United - A320 -
GATE F78B: United - A320 -
GATE F79: United - A320 - Harun_Koyuncu
GATE F80: United - B787-10 - angorang03
GATE F81: United - B777-200ER -
GATE F82: United - B787-10 - Octoberr
GATE F83: United - B777-200ER - Kameron_James
GATE F84: United - B787-10 - xristos_karageorgiou
GATE F85: United - B787-10 - LennyD
GATE F86: United - B787-9 - jakevaz423
GATE F87: United - B787-10 - Matthewk17
GATE F88: United - B787-9 - Krunchy_Toast
GATE F89: United - B787-9 - Jaken_Wu
GATE F90: United - B787-9 - ribery_99

International Terminal (Boarding Area G)

GATE G091: Air Canada - A330-300 -
GATE G092: Air New Zealand - B777-300ER - savage251511
GATE G093: United - B787-10 - B747fan
GATE G094: Swiss International Airlines - B777-300ER -
GATE G095: Lufthansa - B747-400 - Arun_Kr_Patwari
GATE G096: Virgin Atlantic - A340-600 - CooCo2
GATE G097: Finnair - B757-200 - A_Plane_Guy
GATE G098: Aer Lingus - A321 - Shane_Burke
GATE G099: Turkish Airlines - B777-300ER - Chris_Carca
GATE G100: Virgin America - A320 -
GATE G101: Singapore Airlines - A380-800 - Marcus_Chee
GATE G102: Copa Airlines - B737-800 -

Cargo Gates

CARGO 9-3: FedEx - Cessna 208 - Brent_Adams
CARGO 9-4: FedEx - Cessna 208 -
CARGO 9-5: FedEx - Cessna 208 -


I literally randomly clicked on a plane going to SFO on FR24 that is in IF.
Sign me up United 228 757-200


@Qantas737guy Please choose a gate from one of the terminals.


Can I be (Tower) ATC for this event?


@NismoKits I’ll put you on standby for now. If IFATC doesn’t respond to me by Friday you’ll get the spot.


IFATC only works ATC on the expert server😉


Then nevermind then! @NismoKits you’ve got the spot!


I will take Gate E67


I shall be the Ground staff.


Hey jakevaz your last event was awesome especially when I kept following you for the whole flight I am back again ready to join you in another event I will take gate B35A in a B737_700 with callsign Southwest 43 heavy hope to see you soon:-) ;-) ;-)


Hey I’ll B33B and my call sign will be SouthWest 1645. Cya there


Can I have the Turkish Airlines Gate 099 I’ll be flying the 777-300ER My callsign will be Turkish 21 20


I’ll take A-12, Emirates A380 on the International Terminal! I also now have training beta global server so I can fly to Dubai which I was planning to do today already but now since the 2nd Busy Airport Event is here, I guess I’ll fly from San Francisco to Dubai!


@Qantas737guy Sure! See you there!


Roger that @johnnybravoe!


@Arun_Kr_Patwari @MastaPlayZ_Mc_Rein_S @Chris_Carca @CamoPlayz_517 See you all there!


I would like a gate pelase .


@Yenniaviation Please specify the exact gate you would like. Thank you!


I’ll take gate A11A. My callsign, Speedbird 21 Super


I would like to be approach.