[Closed] Plane & Pilot: AeroSync Aerobatics Competition @ KMUO - 271800ZJAN18


I’ve been practicing, I probably won’t win but I will have a go!


What plane would you like to fly in?


I’ve already signed up in Cirrus!


Anybody ”experienced” fighter pilot? I mean a fighter formation flight would be awesome, but a good leader is always needed. I can be too if no-one else will and if somebody want’s to come and fly formation. (Mainly I thought F-22 Raptor but other fighter jets are okay too)


Hello! This competition is a solo competition (not a team comp). If you want to try flying as a team with experienced flyers, join Aerosync!



Hello, I am an ATCEG Pilot! Would you be willing to sign me in the next F-22 Raptor Slot? Thank you , hope to see you there


Thanks for coming! @PlaneCrazy well add you.


Yea, this is a solo event.


Actually I didn’t mean as taking part in competition: just for ”show”, but maybe it should be than it’s own event.
PS: Could someone explain for me a bit how AeroSync and Plane & Pilot works.


Thanks for coming! I added you:-)


Yes, that should be it’s own event. This isn’t the pace totally about that.
Plane & Pilot is an organization that makes events weekly.
AeroSync is a VA with multiple divisions: AAT (fighters), AAC (cargo), AAR (air refueling), and AAP (passengers).
Check out our website and AeroSync’s website too learn more.


Just a quick question I signed up when I was Grade 3 but I got some violations in a heavy plane so I’m Grade 1 but according to some people I will be Grade 3 in 7 days, I’m a member of AeroSync so can I still take part


Thank you, helped a lot! :D


Yes, you can still take part in it.


Due to lack of attendance, This event has been delayed till next Saturday. If you are already an attendant, please check PM.


Oh wow. I got lucky. With the flight I’m having right now I would not have made it.


We have scored a few of the contestants! Sign up to see if you can beat them on Saturday!


4 more days left! Sign up while you still can!


Can’t wait for it! Hopefully I win but it’s all about taking part 😅


Would anyone like to sign up today?