[Closed] Plane & Pilot: AeroSync Aerobatics Competition @ KMUO - 271800ZJAN18


This is based off of AeroSync’s ranks. AeroSynx does not use the Super Decathlon.


I’ll take a Raptor, please 👍🏻


Thanks for coming Nate!


We have one spot on the SR22! Get it while you can!


I wan’t to enter for F-22 raptor competition from 1905Z to 1910Z, thank you.


Thanks for coming! @PlaneCrazy will add you.


I have added you! See you there!


3 more days till this competition starts!


About that how will it work for me since I can’t come on Sunday?


@Captain_Zen, Can you do some point on Saturday?


@PlaneCrazy What day is it on? I’ve been practicing?


It’s this Sunday, the 21st.


Ok, I thought it was Saturday but never mind!


I know I have nothing to do with this but I like to make suggestions, he could do it a bit earlier or he could do it the day before but I don’t have anything to do with the rules and judging so it’s just a suggestion.


That’s what I’m planning:-)


That’s good with me. I could even do it tomorrow if you want.


Tomorrow would not be ideal.


Ok no problem I suppose Monday is too late, so Saturday and Sunday are the best


Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already! Event is on the 21st!


The event is in 3 days!