[Closed] Let's (try) to fill the airport! @ PHNL - 171700ZFEB18


What time will the event be?

(I’m in your time zone so just tell me in your TZ)


Times have been provided with the post. A simple search would provide you with other if you aren’t in the US or GMT 0


Yes of course, you can switch anytime!


I hope IFATC is online the day of the event. :)


That’s actually served by a 777-200. Unless thats on someother day than their usual services


May I change to 747-400 delta to KDTW


I’ll be going to IAH in a 772! I’ll take any gate.


Gosh sorry,this is already taken my bad


American 777-200 - PHNL-KDFW. I’ll do this one! Gate 24 pls…


Ill take cargo, Fedex gate 2! PHNL-YSSY


could i have gate ups 05 please thank you very much i will ups 849 heavy


I’ll take Gate 57, thanks!


What date is this on?


Something tells me this is going to be a huge hit! Can’t wait!


It is on February 17th


Sorry could I have ups 04 phnl-kont


I’ll take remote 92 for PHNL-KPHX. Thanks in advance.


Could I have gate 25 - American 757-200 - PHNL-KLAX. Many thanks!


I will take gate 12 for PHNL-KJFK. Thank you!


@RTG113 American uses the A321 for PHNL-KLAX