[Closed] Let's (try) to fill the airport! @ PHNL - 171700ZFEB18


Can I take gate 6???


@RTG113 Can I have----Gate 7- United 777-200 - PHNL-KDEN------ (I wont fly if the server is not expert)


I will take PHNL-KPHX. HVA231 (Gate 28)


I’ll take PHNL-KSAN HVA273 thanks!


I’ll take the Virgin America flight to KSFO at Remote 91.


@Kyle.r24 I’ve switched your aircraft from a 777-200 to an A330-300, as it’s the aircraft used on the IRL route. If that’s a problem, please let me know and I’ll gladly switch it back to a 777!


True, but I feel there’s a lot of UA 777’s 😉


That’s fine! Thanks. @RTG113


Will take Gate-13 Delta PHNL-KLAX.


Gate 17 for me (PHNL - KSEA) with Alaska Airlines :)


@RTG113 Gate 34 please. I shall arrive as Jetstar 1 in the Jetstar 787-8 and depart as Jetstar 2.

Confirming, is this event @ 1700Z (5pmZ) on the 17th February or am I reading wrong?

You’d think after playing the game for about 1111hours I’d get to knowing it but I have doubts lol 😂.


I will take Gate 8 PHNL-KIAH United. Thanks!


I would like Qantas 787-9 to YSSY!


Sorry I would like Alaska phnl - kpdx


What date will this start on


Looks like fun. Could I please take: Cargo FedEx 01 - Fedex MD-11F - PHNL-KMEM. Thx.


I’ll take Gate 18- PHNL-KSJC


Wow, I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve attended a non-Tailwinds Flying Club event 😂
I’ll take Gate 5 PHNL-KEWR


I’ll take Gate 49 for now. Can I switch later if I want to?


ill take gate 52 please!