[closed]Let's Go Crazy - AirShow @ KEDW - 041500ZMAR17


I was AirForce 1 not 0....Sorry lol I could be seen rolling AirForce one over lol or inverting it


I was N178SA the generic Boeing 757 flying around doing barrelrolls and loop the loops


My callsign was N260XS


I saw you very often stmaarten;-) even recorded you'll see on the recording ;-)


I think I saw you too yes


Obviously lol I saw you


Haha fun times! You can just see me there in the F22 😏


When are we gonna see the event pictures was that it?


Thank you Ronny for this gathering.

I hope that my "flying" didn't bother anyone as I probably broke all the rules !!!
A bit like a flying circus
Anyways, if it is the case, I apologise.
It felt good to get a bit crazy.
I was flying under DUDAIR.
At last, it was a good thing to play (I do it alone but it's always more fun with planes around) with the Citation, which I got not long ago.

A good day to all and see you in the air, DUDAIR.


You already see my screenshots here, I've not taken that many cuz I was recording ;-)
I'll post them too in IFFG, please do all you too here and in IFFG
I'll post later today the recording, there are some really cool images ;-)


Thank you for your kind words!:)
You were supposed to do crazy things so don't worry
There were almost no rule;-)


Sorry guys
I promised you the recording for yesterday but I still have some issues with my video cuter
I hope to resolve it very soon!!
Thanks for your patience ;)


Hello Everybody, I really have big problems with the recording of the event..it's the first time. Could any of you recommend me a video editor, for iphone, other than CuteCUT Pro, please?

I really appologise about that, but I won't give up, you'll get the recording :-)

Thanks for waiting anyway!



Count me in my.Just in case my callsign is N666A6 il be in the A320 American


Hi there and welcome to the community! Unfortunately, this event is already over... I'm sure you'll find other events in #live:events. Enjoy your stay! :)


When will the video come out?


Just to avoid this next time please read the title formats so you know when the event is. Here is a brief explanation;
If the event is 041500ZMAR17 this means that the day is the 4th as shown by the 04. The time is 1500Z which can be converted to your time here. The month is March as shown by MAR and the year is 2017 from the 17. To make sure that sunk in , @YOITSCANMAN, try and translate the following date into normal words and send me the answer;


and if an event title is mentionnes by [closed] infront of the tittle, it also means the event is over (whatever the date/time)


As about the video, do you know any good video cutter for iOS, I really have big problems to watch and cut it :-(...I've been using cute cut Pro
I'm really said not having been able to post this video it was sooo cool this event:-)


Idk look around on google search... Sorry!


Finally Finally Finally

I'm so happy I could finally make it to this video!!!:) omg I don't know what happened but I have constantly had issues while cutting it and even during saving :-(

Now it's finished! It was a real pleasure watching all 30min of this cool event, thanks to you all.:) I've learned making loopings btw!
I think we should make an event like this again soon, what do you think?;-)

Please don't hesitate giving me feedback ;-)
Cu all soon