[closed]Let's Go Crazy - AirShow @ KEDW - 041500ZMAR17


Who else will join us? Event starts in about 15hours;-)


ill come in an etihad a380
callsign etihad 02


Lufty 747-8i callsign 5y-s3


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Only few hours left till start of this crazy event:-)
If my count is well
We are 11sure to come plus 9 maybe (including our IFSFG members who checked in our Facebook group)


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Hello everyone

Thank you for this promessing and casual event.
I will be coming with a Citation (haven’t chosen the livery yet).
My call sign is DUDAIR.

See you in the air, cheers, DUDAIR.


I will be callsign OO-LFA. I will make a short A340-600 takeoff at KEDW so you can try taking some screenshots ;) I’ll try to change between different types of planes as possible :)


I’ll be there to screenshot you guys ;-)


I will try some stunts in a blank 757 and my callsign will be N178SA


What time is this in central standard time? (US)


If I’m not wrong Marie, you also took part at our TAKE OFF AND LANDING competition Event at WMBT right?;)


9am CST/1500UTC/10amEST/7amPST
IN 1hour and 10min from now on :-)


Can I come in a fighter f22? N73MD callsign


Of course ;-) welocme


I would like to come, delta livery, callsign: TAPA268 ;)


Pilots for this event:

(With a * =may come, not sure)

From the community,

-Samiinsan B737-300F Turkish Airlines
*-B747fan B737-900 BBJ3 / callsign: B747FAN
*-Owen_Anderson Super decathlon
-Darth_Sidions B747 British Airways
-Redar Phel a340-600 (will change planes) / callsign: 00-LFA
-ExcelElevators_4U B737 Southwest Airlines / callsign: Southwest 762
-Marie_Sackett_Tretia B737-700 BBJ / callsign: V112
-Danny_Shaw F22 / callsign: Navy 1722
-XxApolloxX A380 Etihad / callsign: Etihad 02
-Kizzyjet B747 Lufthansa / callsign: 5y-s3
*-NicholasLyons2 / callsign: NL787
-DUDAIR Citation / callsign: DUDAIR
-Stmaarten1778 B757 generic / callsign: N178SA
-Antoinette_Ferguson F22 / callsign: N73MD
-Akeem_Marshall in a delta livery / callsign: TAPA268
-KevinMc88 B787-8 / callsign: K3VMC
-Iggydang / callsign: SIA787-10
-RTG113 F14 / Navy1523
-Captainphillips F16


  • Ronny Martin alias Captain Ronny 787 infinite flight 2016 / IFSFGCEO - I’ll be your event spotter ;-)
  • Stuart Kennedy IFSFG007
  • Karlo Angelo Coquia IFSFG041
  • Khazen Chaudry IFSFG025
  • Baltazary Tenga IFSFG036
    *- Ardelle Dionisio IFSFG008
    *- Jeremy Wong IFSFG019
    *- Kumar Kartikeya IFSFG057
    *- Jules Gninkoun IFSFG035
    *- Ziyad Al-Haq IFSFG061
    *- Liam Kirk IFSFG055
  • Bruno Latour 777-200ER old United Airlines / IFSFG005

Can’t wait ;-)

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO


Is it too late? If not can you add me I. A 787-8 call sign K3VMC.


Not it’s not too late ;-) welcome


Just to confirm, this is happening in 30min? If it is add me in as a SIA 787-10!